Some of the features that should be intuitive are so so so difficult. C'mon guys - please help

COVID-19 and being at home so much more has brought out the need for some much better refined features. Perhaps I am daft but just cannot figure out the following:

  1. Home during the day and want to snooze the alerts. I don’t care if the camera records, I just want to stop the constant ringing. “Easy” you say using global snooze! NOT at all. I open the phone app and hit global snooze. That works great for the phone, but, the app on the iPad sitting on the desk continues to go off over and over, it works independently of the phone app, so, I got there and shut it all off to snooze. STILL NOT GOOD - the darn watch has it’s own install and so it keeps going off independently of the other two devices.

Turn it off to you say, so I do. STILL NOT GOOD, my wife’s phone and iPad and watch all keep going off, as the app doesn’t pay attention to my global setting and it’s independent for each user. DUMB DUMB DUMB. If I am the master user and I snooze it that should flow to everyone. I should not have to go to each camera and set up a motion schedule which has to be enabled and then disabled. Geesh.

  1. This is talked about ad-nauseum and for some reason Ring doesn’t want to address it, a global snooze for the darn lights at night so I can go out on my patio and sit in the dark with a cool drink in my hand without the lights coming on every time I twitch. I still want the other features, but, snooze should be global for everyone as I stated above and should include lights and motion alerts. I just go and trip the circuit breaker for the cameras to disable them 100% so I can have some piece and darkness at home for awhile, then have to set an alarm to remind me to turn them on. Not so cool.
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Hey @larryincmh. Have you tried using Modes for Cameras? Using modes for cameras allows you to choose how cameras react in the specific mode. This can be quite useful when you are wanting to silence alerts across multiple devices. This Help Center article here covers on how to make Modes work for you. I hope this information helps.

As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. Feel free to link that post you make in the Feature Request board here so other neighbors that come to this thread can easily find your feature!

Tom, thank you for the response but it’s not what I am after. The modes feature seems to not be what I am after. My choices in the app for modes are to “enable or disable live mode” and “enable or disable motion detection”. That’s it. I want the cameras to continue to detect and capture motion at all times, I just don’t want to hear the alerts. I continue to want to see and have recorded everything, I just don’t want to know about it each and every time, which is the purpose of the snooze.

The snooze feature is 100% what I want, but, when I click “snooze” for all cameras I want the option of telling it to automatically employ the same snooze setting to every app or device connected to that account. Instead, the snooze feature only works on the individual device that I hit “snooze” on. This would be great to also have the ability to snooze motion detection if I wanted as well, so that for instance the lights on my back patio don’t come on every time I move to grab my drink when sitting on a nice night outside.

Hi @larryincmh. To not receive Motion Alerts during a specific period of time, try setting up a Motion Schedule. If you would also like to do this for your lights on your camera, you can setup a Light Schedule. If these features aren’t what you’re looking for, try using our Feature Request Board to suggest a new idea!

Tom, thanks again for the try but this is really not what I am after.

Motion Schedule does indeed do as you indicate, but, it has to be set and enabled for each and every device at my house. Numerous clicks for each one, and, then if it is a temporary thing then I have to set a reminder or alarm to remember to go turn them all off. I want a snooze feature, not a schedule feature. The snooze feature as it works now is perfect IF IT functioned globally for all users and all installs of the app (which the schedule does, if I am the primary user and set a schedule it then quiets everyone).

The light feature you reference is great if I want the lights on and off at certain times, but, again I want the lights snoozed temporarily. If I am on my patio outside for instance the lights come on from motion, I turn them off manually but then they instantly come on again. I want motion light snooze.

As for the feature request feature I have seen dozens of people over the past year ask for these types of features and many more give thumbs up to these features. They post on Facebook about it too however support never replies to that feature request comments from what we can see. Users have actually called and talked to people about it from the online posts only to be met with very evasive answers. Not sure why the company is reluctant to impliment this feature.