Some Feature request for the Car Cam

I just got the camera and installed it right away. It’s kind of tall, but I guess I will get use to it. But I do wish there was a different adapter at the end of the mount as the gap between the glass and the dashboard trim on my car is very thin. And the trim on the dash is very firm. The gap is so thin the blue plastic wire pusher could barely fit in. I had to use a ruler to push the already thin USB-C cable.

Maybe for your future updates, a height adjustable mounting stick, and a flat thin ribbon style not a round USB-C cable might be better. And the tongue that is pushed into the gap between the window and the dash board, make it thinner and include that caps like what was included but in multiple thickness so it can be pushed into the gap. Or come out with a cap that is wedge shaped and not a straight surface like it is now. With a wedge long shape or a cap that’s wedge shaped, you can push it into the gap until it can’t go any further. Make the wedge shape so you can install it one way or flip it over so it goes with any angle of the windshield. From a steep angle like an Truck/SUV/Jeep, to a shallow slope like in a sedan, coupe.

Right now it push as far as it will go and only the adhesive is sticking to the window. Being in Las Vegas, we will see how that adhesive does in the 140 degrees the interior will get during the hot summer months.

I would be very interested in a rear facing camera for the rear window as well. That camera doesn’t need an interior camera I think. Just rear facing to capture anyone that would crash into the back of the car.

A G-Shock Sensor if someone hits the car while parked. So far it has only captured movements when I entered the car. It did not capture any movement on the front facing camera.

One more software feature request would be to have the same camera modes like you can set with the Ring home cameras. Maybe a mode to powers it down or even stop any recording when I’m home and parked in the garage. It doesn’t need to record anything while in the security of my garage. But as soon as I leave the house, maybe then it can start fully recording. Maybe this could save on batter drain while parked at home?

But so far the install was easy, and setup was easy.

Hi there I have a jeep wrangler and I did not install this onto my Jeep windshield because it is slanted, check out my Instagram IG: majesticruby_jeep
I am using a magnetic mount from bullet point mounting solutions it actually works really well and gives me a better view in front and inside. Check out my quick video. Hope it helps…

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