Some Direct Powered Devices Falsely Showing Offline

Ok… now that I know YOU know about it… “yea”??

Reboot router; tried everything to get this to reconnect.

I’m still having this problem and there’s riots in my town. Kinda important.

Hi @faz! Thank you for letting us know. We very much value your security and safety, and are here to help. Great call on rebooting the network. The next best step will be to remove and reinstall the Ring app on your mobile device. Once reinstalled, please close all other apps on mobile device and ensure no VPN is enabled. If live view is not connecting, test a motion event to see if it works as intended. The Rapid Ring app is another great way to test live view in another app.

If your device seems offline, please complete a new setup in the Ring app to get it connected. Feel free to let us know how the above goes! :slight_smile: