Solved: “People Only Mode” is not people only

I’m having same issue since I did update January 13, 2021


Sorry but it doesn’t make sense that a reflection would appear to the doorbell as a person. Does that seem logical to you? More like an oversight or error by the developer team. We routinely get alerts at night when a car passes and the headlights reflect off the siding. Please update your People only setting so a reflection doesn’t trigger an alert.
Here’s a sample video:

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Following up here. Spent an hour with a Ring support agent who was troubleshooting with me. Deemed it as a faulty unit. Ring sent a brand new one, I took the time to reinstall it, sent the old unit back to Ring. Surprise, surprise,…It still doesn’t work!!! Software issue! Ring team needs to help. (Ring Doorbell Elite)

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Thank you for the continued feedback, neighbors! As each home is different, each environment will benefit from a configuration of motion settings tailored to your liking. Every motion related feature available might not necessarily be the best fit for every environment, which is why there is an option for many of our motion features to be altered in the Ring app.

The Person notifications option can help reduce the number of notifications you receive, and is certainly a useful feature. This could also depend on the environment in which some factors, such as reflecting light for example, might still be detected with this mode enabled. Feel free to disable people only mode and explore other motion setting combinations, to see which will work best for you.

As we always value our neighbors feedback, we have shared these experiences with our teams here. If you have tried the above steps and suggestion mentioned prior in this thread, and are experiencing motion related concerns, our support team will be happy to troubleshoot more in-depth with you. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please go here to see how to contact support.

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This is NOT A SOLUTION! RING TEAM, we are trying to help you help your customers! WIRED DOORBELL DEVICES ARE UNABLE TO PROPERLY USE PEOPLE ONLY MODE! Battery powered doorbells are fine! PLEASE have some integrity and help your customers and stop PASTING GENERIC THOUGHTLESS REPLIES! I’ve been patient for months and tried working with your team. Your tech team keeps trying to send me a new unit because they are unable to solve the problem! Please reach out to your engineering team.


This is not a solution whatsoever and I would kindly appreciate you not selecting your own solutions on my posts… I will click the box if I feel ring has appropriately solved my issue

Please advise your team an acceptable solution would be to simply implement a “submit this video for feedback” button in video playback so we can send directly from the app specifically to the team that is best trained to resolve people only alerts being triggered by cats and birds, giving us a box to specify why the clip needs review

And you still have yet to address why the battery devices have a feature that wired devices do not, especially considering said feature certainly requires more processing power so it makes no sense for the battery device to have an exclusive feature that all wired devices could perform better


I’m in the same boat right now. I have a wired Ring Video Doorbell 2, and a Wired Floodlight Camera. The Floodlight Camera is giving me constant “person detected” alerts every single time my sprinklers are running in the front yard. None of the videos ever have a person in them. Just the sprinklers going back and forth. It’s a great way to wake up at 6AM, let me tell you. It’s driving me crazy. I’ve got alerts for PEOPLE on, for all other motion OFF, and about every 5 minutes, Ring decides that the sprinkler is a person… my cell phone is going off, my wife’s cell phone is going off, and the Ring Chime and all Alexa devices in the house are going off. EVERY FIVE MINUTES while the sprinklers are on. Sometimes every minute.

This seems to have only started the past several months, as we did not have this trouble last summer at all.

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I’m having similar trouble. Just installed 3 new Ring Floodlight Cam Wireless Pros . Once setup they work great. I have them set for people only and occasionally close proximity spiders and spider webs trigger alarms in the middle of the night. Ring needs to improve the AI deep learning and teach it spiders and webs don’t look like people. Still The Floodlight Cam Wireless pro is a great product. Dumped my Google IQ Outdoor CAM due to clow performance. Ring is much faster.

Though it apparently won’t do any good, based on reading through all of the above comments. I’ll just go ahead and state: All my hardwired Ring Spotlight cams and Ring Doorbell Pro 2 still send me alerts when a squirrel or cat wanders through my People Only motion zones. Worthless “feature”.

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I am near the end of my trial for 2 wired spotlight cams and am getting a lot of spider web alerts. I considered using the People Only Mode but after reading all these reviews I am seriously considering not using ring at all. Very disappointing to hear how dissatisfied so many people are. What is being done to correct these very basic camera needs?

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January 2023. 3 years since this was reported. Still an issue.

I’m frankly tired of Rings awful responses on this post.

I will not accept that “every house is different, you need to adjust your settings or your environment”. A cat is a cat. A person is a person. Doesn’t matter if that person is walking up the road in Arkansas or jogging in a clown suit in Sierra Leone. The feature is called PEOPLE ONLY mode. It should alert for PEOPLE ONLY.

I’d love to know what the acceptance criteria was for this feature. What algorithm are you using to determine with this is a person or not? For reference, this week at work, we actually developed a very rudimentary app that could distinguish humans from cars. It could even tell you a description of the person and the colour of the car. It took a day. It really isn’t that difficult.

Once I move house in March, I’ll be leaving my ring kit and buying something else.