Solution for a large home?


I am currently working on a new landscape lighting project for a large home and property. From end-to-end, the landscaped area which will require lighting is roughly 200 feet by 200 feet with a large house in the middle. If I limit the landscape wire runs to 150’ (which looks to be the spec’d max), a single bridge will almost assuredly not suffice.

I have read that just a single bridge is required. But can multiple bridges be supported? If I could have two bridges, for example, I could have a set of transformers (maybe 5) at the north side of the property and then another set of transformers at the south side of the property, both connected to the Internet with their own bridge.

Another potential option would be to have all Ring Transformers at a single location but then have runs of longer than 150’. I could, for example, use lower impedance 10 guage wire with a soldered gold plated termination for connection to the transformer.

Or is there an inline transformer I could connect to, essentially using the Ring Transformer simply as the brains for the system.

Any suggestions on how to make that work? Thanks in advance.


I live on just under 3 acres and I have lights across the property. The bridge sits in my home which is basically at the center of the property. The furthest lights extend probably 70 yards out from the bridge. I have about 20 total devices… a mix of pathlights, wired spotlights, wired floodlight cams and doorbells. The whole setup worked flawlessly for the first 2 months after i installed it. There was an app upgrade probably a month ago that has completely ruined connectivity for all my smartlight products. Hoping they fix that because it worked great before!

Ive wondered about your question as well though. If I purchased another bridge and placed them on opposite sides of the house would that help?