Solid white light?

Hello I hardwired my door bell today does it stay charged now? Also it’s a solid white ring it saids because it’s hardwired but I’m not getting notifications now it detects but saids no video

Hi @Dunnie. Hardwiring a battery powered Doorbell will provide a trickle charge to help extend the amount of time between manual charges. The Doorbell is still powered off the battery itself. When you hardwire a battery powered Doorbell, you’ll see the LED ring lit up white to indicate that it has been hardwired. You can learn more here.

To receive notifications, make sure Ring and Motion Alerts are toggled on under Devices > your Doorbell. With an active Ring Protect plan, your Doorbell will record video when it detects motion or when someone rings the Doorbell. These can then be viewed in the Event History or the Event History timeline. If you can’t view the videos, your Doorbell may have a weak or unstable signal.