Solicitation Violation Posts Being Removed

In my community, we have a city ordinance that makes it a violation of city law for someone to solicit at a house that has a no solicitaton sign posted.

Refer to:

Violations are punishable up to a $500 fine, imprisonment up to six months, or both.

However, I have tried twice to post such an event to my community once with the “is this a crime” off and another with it selected. In both cases, the post was removed by moderators as not compiant with the community standards.

If a violation of city ordinance punishable by fines and jail time is not compliant with community standards, what is? No wonder our feed has become one of just lost pet posts.

Well, the community administrator removed my post for a third time under the pretext that it did not provide a specific crime. I do not understand how a violation of a specific cited city code which, had I detained the solicitor and called an officer, could have resulted in police issued citation. I have appealed as a reply to the denial email according to the letter. But, I have little hope.

I heard back officially from Ring via email.

Apparently, they are only allowing posts about “unexpected guests” if these “guests” are " are suspicious and possibly place you or your neighbors in danger." So, my post about a solicitor who is ignoring an official city-provided no solicitation notice and who is breaking city code which is punishable by fine, jail time, or both is not a crime that warrents the attention of the Ring neighborhood community. Hopefully, none of these “unexpected guests” will ever convert into an assult, roberty, etc.

Here is their response to me:

"We’ve reviewed your post, and we feel that it’s not quite right for Neighbors. Based on feedback from our neighbors on which posts were most useful for them we have made changes to our guidelines regarding unexpected guests. If you feel that the actions of the individual are suspicious and possibly place you or your neighbors in danger, please repost with a description of why the behavior is concerning or contact your local law enforcement agency. We certainly appreciate your feedback as we are amending our guidelines on a regular basis while we figure out what neighbors feel are important updates on crime and safety.

Thank you for engaging with your neighbors in an effort to create a safer community.


I would think that solicitors in the neighborhood would be a valued communication. Any unexpected visitor to my door is considered a concern. If I had a warning, I would feel more relaxed about the doorbell ring. I still wouldn’t answer it in person, but it would at least be anticipated. Let’s take a survey!