Solar wall light will not charge via solar

I’m having an issue with my newly installed solar wall light. It charges via the usb cable, but is losing about 1% of the battery charge per day, and it’s exposed to direct sunlight for at least 6 hours per day. The battery icon in the app has never shown the lightning bolt on it, indicating that the batteries are charging, like my battery powered spotlight cams do, when the solar panel on them is charging. The light threshold is set to 2, and the motion sensitivity is set to “low”. According the event history, it has not sensed motion in 10 days, and has not been turned on, but the battery is still depleting. The battery percentage has never gone up, except when I charge it via usb cable. I have reset the device, and reinstalled it, but the issue has not been remedied. It just refuses to charge via the solar panel on it. Hopefully a ring rep can assist me, as this is very disappointing, because the light is great, otherwise.

Hi @user37231. I would have suggested performing a reset, and setting the device back up in the Ring app. Since you have already tried these steps, and your Wall Light Solar is not charging, I’d recommend following up with our support team at one of the numbers available here for more in-depth troubleshooting assistance.

I bought four of these…pretty much giving up on them for various reasons. All four go into a "High temperature status " to protect them from heat. BUT…temperatures of only 80’s (in California) will cause it on all four and they don’t charge all day. Then later after sun goes down, the temp status goes away, but now no sun to solar charge, so the charge gets lower and lower until I bring them inside and use a USB cable to charge each one.

Today, at 85 degrees, no high temp warning, BUT the chargers are at low battery since this morning, all around 20%, but not charging either. Nice, sunny day.

On phone with Ring support , they had me reset one of them after calling to see about the high temp warning. Reset one, but no change. So it’s basically, charge lights all day in garage with USB chargers to wall, put lights out in the evening…then repeat after 3-4 days after each light gets charged to 100%.

I really like the way lights work at night, giving me lots of light in areas of my yard…but it’s a pain to have to charge them manually.

Ring has said they will send me four new ones…l guess that is next…but I see several threads like this and doubt that will help.

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Follow up… Ring sent me replacement lights. After charging each with USB to 100% , they charge very little via solar. They’ve all dropped down to around 50% and lowering each day.
I wonder if Ring has a solar wall “expert “ , all support does is say reset . They DID send me replacements but …. and plenty of sunlight.

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