Solar Step Lights Linked to Doorbell

When solar steps are linked to a doorbell camera, would that prevent the doorbell from warning you of motion if the step light triggers first?

Hi @user47136. This would not prohibit the doorbell from detecting motion. Once the doorbell detects motion, all of the linked Solar Step Lights will trigger ON.

Ever since I linked the step lights to the doorbell, I never get the “doorbell detects motion” if the lights trigger it first.

Hi @user47136. During this time, if you look at your Event History Timeline, do you still see the doorbell detecting motion? Is it triggering a recording? Are your Smart Lights linked to your Doorbell, or is your Doorbell Linked to your Smart Lights? This is a matter of order of operations, where you can select the Smart Lights and link them to your Doorbell, instead of selecting your Doorbell and linking it to your Smart Lights.