solar step light mount

Can the solar step lights be mounted on the stair riser? Mounted so that it is in the middle of the riser, not on a side wall.

What is the suggested spacing for the step lights? Can you skip multiple risers and still have enough light on several steps?

Hey @firstdue. The Solar Steplight can be mounted on the stair risers in addition to the side walls, but the placement all depends on how you mount them and how they look with the stairs, as everyone’s homes are different!

Some things to keep in mind are how large the lip of the siar above the riser is and if it will block the Steplight from getting sun, as this is how the device gets and maintains it’s power over time. If you install the Steplights and find that the sun is blocked from hitting the panel, then you will want to find a sunnier spot, which could possibly be on your stair railing. Finding the “sunniest” placement should always be the first factor to consider when placing the devices, and you can learn more about this in our Help Center Article here.

If your stairs do get enough sunlight that hits the panels directly, then placing the Steplights on every other stair should still allow you to receive the illumination you’re are looking for. While we don’t have enough reviews on the Solar Steplight just yet, there are some Amazon user review photos you can review on the battery Steplight so you can get an idea of light output here. Please note that our Solar Steplight is 15 lumens brighter, so if you see this point being made, you may not have to worry about it with the solar option as it’s a big brighter!

One last thing to keep in mind is that the depth of the Solar Steplight is just under 2 inches, which is driven by the solar panel size to receive adequate power. This may not matter on wider steps, but if the steps are narrow it may be a factor you should consider to avoid them being in the way on your steps! Hope this helps. :slight_smile: