solar sign

somebody stole my RING solar sign, do you have replacement warranty on it?

Sorry to hear about this @bojo! Our support team would be best to assist you further, at 800-656-1918. Let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:

Wish list item: why do I have to buy 1 or more expensive signs (which I have not done) to show passers-by that my house it protected and monitored by Ring? I don’t have a place on my garage door or a window outside my front door on which to place an odd looking sticker. Everyone else in my neighborhood has a sign (Or two) provided for free by their monitoring service (not Ring). I’d think a sign would be a very low cost and effective marketing tool for Ring, and a good deterrent to those with bad intentions.

Just a thought.

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My question is why am I paying for a sign advertising the Ring products? I will purchase the sign if Ring will pay me a monthly fee to lease advertising space in my front yard.

Lets say $5 a month for a standard sign and $12 for a solar sign (using my sunlight).

I got mine for free. They give them away a few times a year with a purchase. I’d never buy it.