Solar Ring Sign - an idea!


I really want people to see that my property is protected by the new battery cams, alarm system etc.

HOWEVER, the solar sign is a great idea, but to spend £40 on a solar light that could easier be picked up and stolen (because I live on a side road off a busy high street) is a risky amount of money to spend.

After a chat with Charles on the chat service this evening, I was asking if Ring sold a mount or if the item could be securely attached to a building. Almost simulating an external siren for the properly with its illuminated sign.

I’ve ordered it, so see what the sign is like on the reverse and will try and come up with a solution, but I would really like someone to take on this feedback as whoever thought of this device missed a trick as we don’t all live in a nice neighbourhood with big gardens and low foot falling traffic.

I really think you could sell more of these if you sold it as a external wall mounted siren rather than a stake in the ground at £40!

Agree or disagree with me… go!

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I m still waiting for a sign that says protectec by Ring Alarm, rather than (or in addition to) audio/video. But I agree a building mount for the illuminated sign may keep it around longer.

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I have that sign.

The On/Off switch is on the back. However, once you turn it on, you will probably never have to turn it off again.

Not sure where the sensor is that turns the light on after dark.

In my case - NO way to building mount it where it will get enough sun.

Plus, it is overpriced IMHO.

I would NOT buy a 2nd one.

Probably why they were giving them away just recently with certain purchases.

I never got why these where not included with every home system. I just can’t justify buying one to help advertise for ring.


I have to agree on this comment. Charging $40 for advertisement is cheesy. ADT, Xfinity Home, Vivint ALL include a free sign with their system.

Maybe make the sign free with the purchase of a Ring Protect Plus plan?

Hey neighbors! Thank you for your suggestions. I will make sure to pass this on to the appropriate teams about the possible mounts for it and the verbiage on the sign. In the meantime, keep a lookout for future offers we may have that may include the solar sign with it!