Solar/remote antenna combo for ring doorbell

I recently purchase a ring doorbell to be used remotely on my front gate since I have no front door accessibilty from my street. Consequently, I also have no source of power on the gate and I had to purchase a wifi-amplifier to try and maintain a strong enough connection to allow the doorbell to work. It’s been in use for about a month now and I love it, BUT, I’m finding that I need to charge it about every 3+ weeks AND even though I have a WiFi amplifier, I’m still not getting a full WiFi connection as the ring doorbell is mounted to the outside of the gate and still is about 50 feet from my amplifier and a total of 100 feet from my home.

I see that there are solar units for some of the cameras and thought that having a solar unit to attach to the outdoor ring unit on my fence could serve as both a trickle power source AND potential a extended antenna so that I’d also get full WiFi connectivity. Just an idea, but figured it’s worth suggesting.