Solar powered cams are having connectivity problems

I have a stick up cam that has been operating fine for the past couple of years, but I recently added a solar panel, and it started having issues with recordings, resulting in the error message: “This event did not record correctly. You may need to adjust the settings on your wifi router.”

I tried all of the following, multiple times: rebooted camera, rebooted modem, rebooted router (google wifi), bought new Nest routers (more powerful signal), and got my RSSI to -40, but the problem persisted, as long as the solar panel was connected. Unplugging the panel resolved it completely, and a live view on the camera would freeze, as soon as the panel was plugged in.

At wit’s end, I posted about this on Reddit, and others started to report similar issues, not only with stick up cams, but also spotlight cams.

At least one person said that his 2 stick up cams used to function perfectly with solar, but have now developed the same problem I’m describing. One of his cams uses a Ring branded solar panel and the other a 3rd party panel, and they both have the problem.

I think this points to a firmware problem. Can you please have your software team investigate? Thank you!

Searching through old threads, I’ve found numerous people have reported this same problem, without a satisfactory resolution:

There is definitely something wrong with the way solar panels interact with some ring cameras, and the suggestion to add a chime pro is not the solution! PLEASE put in a ticket to your software team to investigate this.

Hi @user42270. I appreciate you taking the time to troubleshoot your Camera to resolve your concern. Since you are still having the same concern and have tried all the basic troubleshooting, the next best step would be to contact our support team for further assistance. You can also reach out to our support team on Facebook by sending a private message to @Ring. Our support team will be able to take a deeper dive into your issue. If it is determined your concern needs to be escalated, our support team will have access to the information that needs to be collected to do so, which cannot be gathered here in the Community.

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