Solar Pathway Lights Going offline

I have 15 solar pathway lights distributed in my front and back yards. I have continued to have issues with the solar pathway lights going offline. I have worked with the ring team several times and they have replaced >8 lights. Unfortunately this problem continues to occur and I am becoming very disappointed. I’m the last month, for example, Ring has replaced 5 lights but I currently have 4 (of 15) offline. I live in Arizona so it may be the heat but nevertheless the product should work.

I used a voltmeter and determined that the batteries fail open. Typically when this happens the light only goes online during the day she there is sufficient sun to operate the electronics in the light.

I will now have to contact Ring customer service once again to go thru the steps necessary to validate the lights don’t work and get replacement lights.

Anyway, until Ring fixes this reoccurring issue I would avoid this product. I also have other Ring products that operate without issue.

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I was actually looking for help on this also. I am in AZ and all pathways get enough sun (maybe too much) I am assuming the poorly made materials can’t handle AZ heat.