Solar Pathway Light battery DEAD!

Just called today. Have multiple batteries going bad. Ring pathway lights not even 90 days old.
Customer service said they do not replace batteries. Unacceptable

Im having the same problem for 1 month now with 8 of these lights. I spent 80 bucks on new batterys. Every 2 or 3 days I have to bring them inside to charge. Total BS. I was told by CS that they would replace all 8 of them with the new version. Then the next day in an email they said they checked online and said the lights are working fine. They said I have too many motion detections 1000 in the past day? TOTAL BS! Ive had these lights for a year now.

I too have 3 of 6 lights out. I have called CS a few times and get different answers about the batteries. The last time I was told to go out and buy replacement batteries myself, it would only be 1 or 2 dollars to get a new battery. I went to Amazon and purchased $20+ to get batteries of the same model type, and they do not work as they seem to be just a bit smaller than the Ring battery. I would think Ring would at least sell batteries for their devices.

I guess I will try to order a different type from Amazon and see if the work.

It’s sad that everything was working just fine now all of a sudden the lights are not staying on as long as they used to. So I changed out the battery’s with some I got at the store but they are to small. Shouldn’t they be taken care of under warranty? I guess anybody want to buy some used pathway solar lights. I guess I’ll have to go back to my old path way lights.

3 of 4 solar steplight batteries dead within 5 weeks.

Spent literally hours on the phone with Ring support. They did everything they could think of to avoid replacing the batteries, but eventually agreed.
I have three confirmation emails confirming the replacement promise - with 3 “Request ID” numbers.

That was back in November and December - - - but Ring never sent the batteries! Seems the tact may be to just get me off the phone and hope I’ll forget about it?

On Nov 10, '21 and again on Dec 6, '21 the support team sent me confirmation emails for 3 batteries. The batteries were never sent.

These are the "Request ID numbers:

Where are they?

You’ve reached the Ring Community, a public forum. While there are neighbors and Community team members offering guidance in the Community, our support teams do not monitor this platform.

For account related concerns, help with an ongoing case, or further assistance with your batteries, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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Same battery issue with 2/2 Pathway lights. They been down for months now and still can not find a fix. When i plug lights in to charge them, after about 5 seconds being plugged in, they blink twice brightly, then give off a constant flicker that does not stop until unplugged again. Tried everything and nothing works. I believe a recall is in order. Battery model No.5AT2S4 with manufacturing date of 8-25-2020.
Furthermore, it is sad to see Rings above response and Suggest it as a Solution. Ring really needs to get on the ball with this. There is obviously a problem.

We are having issues with our pathway lights as well. We bought 8 less than a year ago and since then 4 have died or gone offline. So far Ring has replaced 2 lights but now 2 more are dead. I have spent countless hours on the phone with Ring. If a product doesn’t work, Ring should refund and fix issues. These pathway lights were not ready to be sold and that is why so many of us are struggling after such a short time. I have neighbors with dollar store solar lights that have stood the test of time and extreme weather in the AZ desert. Clearly Ring needs to rework this product and until then offer us our money back. Products shouldn’t last 6months or 8months they should stand the test of time. Ring, please do something, this is not good business. I plan to make a YouTube video addressing these issues with the pathway lights with videos and photographs of my problems.

I purchased a large number of solar pathway lights in January. Over the past few weeks 9 of the lights have failed. Same story as everyone else it appears, the batteries won’t hold a charge. Have switched out batteries with other working lights and they work fine. If I plug in the light it works, but dies the moment I unplug it.
On the phone with customer support right now, agent seems baffled by the problem. Took some convincing to prove that the problem is the battery. It’s clear that she has not been notified of this problem, or that the very well known problem (when looking at this thread) is not being addressed in her flowsheet until much later in the process. There was certainly no “yes, I’m aware of this problem. Sorry. How many batteries do you need?”
Customer support finally agreed to send me nine batteries, but the call took 25 minutes from the time I spoke with an agent. Hopefully I get all of them, not sure I will based on previous posts.
If I don’t, then my suggestion for everyone is to do what I do whenever I encounter companies acting like this. If I don’t get all the batteries I need, I will order new units from Ring or Amazon. When I receive them I’m going to take the good batteries out and place them into my units, then put the bad batteries in the units that I just received. I will then return them all as defective products. I have done this before when companies claim to have a warranty but then give me a hard time when I try to make them honor the warranty. I suggest others on this forum do the same. If Ring starts getting multiple units returned to them for bad batteries, perhaps they will actually do something to fix the issue.
Of note, I’m sure that the record-high heat in Las Vegas over the past week has something to do with the multiple failures in my devices. But that’s no excuse, as I have other devices from other manufacturers that use rechargeable batteries that are doing just fine in the heat. Ring is putting bad batteries into their devices, it’s up to them to fix it, not up to me to just deal with it.

For those who are still looking - I finally found some batteries that are right-sized. Both of these work for me: