Solar Pathway Light battery DEAD!

Well still have only received one battery, all 4 went dead, I was sent what is in the picture, contacted CS again, received an email stating I was receiving a “stake” WTH, has Ring customer service turned into an absolute joke.

Hi @FrenchCamp49er. Here at Ring, we want to make sure that every experience you have with us is top notch. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here so they can get this sorted for you. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Ok, this isn’t even funny anymore, I received only 1 battery and was supposed to receive a total of 3. Can someone overnight the remaining 2 batteries as I have been trying to get this resolved since August 23rd

I have one solar Pathlight that is behaving exactly as those in this thread. Moved the battery to another Pathlight and it behaved the same way.

I finally received all four batteries, all the bad batteries were dated 03/08/2020. Is anyone else having issues from this lot, or are your dead batteries from a different lot?

Having same battery issue with battery dated 2020-04-21. Only received and installed pathlights a few weeks ago. Just one out of four has gone down so far. Did replacement batteries fix the issue?

As of now they did, it’s only been a week or so though.

The Solar Pathway lights do NOT recharge. The solar feature does NOT really work. I am on my 2nd set of lights and I see the same behavior. My lights face South and have plenty of Sun. I have other Ring solar devices and the battery is always around 100%. Even the Solar step lights the battery is always around 100%. This is very disappointing. The only benefit is the rechargeable battery.

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Any replies from Ring or others?? I guess no one really looks this?
I just got another notification from the Ring app saying reported low battery at 1/21. The Solar on the pathway lights Does Not work. Again, this is my 2nd set. I would love to hear from Ring. Note, I am a huge fan or Ring and have all of their products. I just think this one Does Not work.

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Guess what, two more dead batteries. This is getting out of hand.

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I just had the same issue. The battery is dated 2020-04-21. Called support and they said they didn’t have just a battery they could send me, so they are sending me the entire light and I am to return the old one. Would be so much easier if they could just ship a battery!

I’m only getting batteries

I’ve got 2 dead batteries as well. Called once and said they didn’t have any batteries to send to me and I could go buy them. Gonna call again and see if they could send replacements.

I’ve got the same issue- 2/4 both died. Super frustrating.

Same here. Had three batteries go dead in three weeks. So frustrating. Ring sent me new lights but would be so much easier with just new batteries. You have a bad batteries Ring!

Same here. 3 out of 6 solar path lights with dead batteries. I can switch out the good batteries into the new devices and the good batteries work in every light. Bad batteries won’t. Mfg date on all batteries is 2020-08-10. I would expect them to last longer.
On hold with support. We will see how it goes.

Edit: Update.
Customer service will NOT send new batteries. They directed me to buy my own replacement batteries at the nearest hardware store.
So Ring puts in rechargeable Lithium batteries that only last a year after MFG date, and I get to spend MORE money replacing them. I have other rechargeable devices lasting years, so expecting a few years from a solar light isn’t unreasonable.
Next time someone asks me if I’m happy with my Ring lights, you can guess what the topic of conversation will be.

Edit: Update to Update
Customer Service called back and offered to replace my three path lights with new devices. We are getting back on track with good customer service. If all is processed well, I will be a happy Ring customer again.

Just a FYI, Powertec sells batteries that work with the solar pathlights. They are not cheap but the one I purchased has worked fine for the two weeks it has been installed.

Hi neighbors! If your battery is not charging or powering your device, even after bringing the Smart Light inside and near the Bridge, our support team can help further. If you are needing a battery, they will be able to provide one.

Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

This is not true. I have two dead batteries and was told that to replace them is $24.99 each. No replacement offered.

Hey there, @notspen! This charge might be in regards to the Quick Release battery pack, which is for sale on our accessories page. As for the Solar Path Light battery specifically, our support team should be able to help you obtain this solution. :slight_smile:

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