Solar Pathway Light battery DEAD!

I have 4 of the lights, 2 all of a sudden went dead/bad. I showed 2 lights offline, did the whole reset thing and nothing, plugged them in and batteries show 100%, unplugged and they go back offline. I switched batteries with the other 2 and the lights work fine, so its not the lights its the batteries. Any suggestions this just started happening today, never a problem before.

Thanks in advance

Anyone? I now have another dead battery.

So weird. I came here to see if anyone else had this issue. Yesterday I had 2 of 4 not working. During the day they are online, but at night they are not holding a charge.

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Ya, they’ve been working fine until they weren’t, hopefully the new batteries will solve the problem. All the lights get direct sunlight for a good 8 hours.

Did Ring send you new batteries or did you buy some generics somewhere?

Ring is sending them. I have the same type of battery for a flashlight, they were shorter then the Ring battery. I think if I did buy a generic battery I would like to see it in person first. It looks like that type of battery does come in 2 different lengths though, which I find weird.

I really can’t believe only two of us are having this problem

I’m having the same problem.

Odd this is starting to happen all at once. I wonder if it was a firmware update.

I spoke to their support and they are sending me two new batteries after switching them between devices. So weird for two to go out on the aame day for sure.

Ya, 2 died at the same time and the next died the next day. I still have one working battery, still haven’t received a shipping confirmation yet, hopefully I will soon.

At least they know what you are talking about…I have chatted with them called them 2 times and nobody knows where I can find a battery…They act like they don’t know anything or anywhere I can get a battery. The last rep told me they would send the complete unit and send mine back but I get a email saying it’s a solar panel…I don’t understand why they would not offer a replacement battery on their website. Or at least help me. I told them ITS THE BATTERY because when I plug it in through USB it reconnects but when I unplug even though it says battery full it goes offline …I also have a Li-ion charger and it verified the battery does not hold charge…I told the rep all that …and still the email says Solar Panel (Spotlight Cam/Stick Up Cam)(with Barrel Plug)… pretty incompetent especially from a company offering home security

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I also gave them the model number of the battery…the battery is even wrapped in Ring wrapping. The steplight also uses this battery what are we supposed to do then

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You must have gotten a bad CS person. Both times I called they were very knowledgeable. The battery may be proprietary, not sure though. That type of battery seems to come in 2 lengths, I have some of the same type but they are shorter. Seems they come in 2 lengths.

I have had the same issue I have 3 that are dead! & I just purchased them in April but didn’t actually put up until May. I called tech support and they told me I would have to buy new batteries for them because they don’t sell them. That’s a little upsetting.

I do pay for the Protect Plus plan since I have Ring Alarm system. I wonder if that made a difference. They didn’t hesitate to send me batteries at all (once we figured out the correct battery model).

If you find the correct batteries can you post where? Thanks

As do I, hopefully I’ll get the batteries

The battiers are schduled to be delivered today, hopefully this solves the problem.

Well Ring screwed up and only sent me 1 battery instead of 3, I guess they have to send it up the chain for what I dont know. Hopefuly this gets solved quickly.