Solar pathlights wont brighten when sensing motion while on schedule

Smart lighting outdoor solar pathlight.
While using a schedule to turn on the pathlights, the lights will not turn “on” (brightness going to full from dim) when detecting motion. The light detects motion and stays at the same brightness.
They used to detect motion and turn “on” (dim to full brightness), but now they do not change at all.
The only way i can fix it is to turn off the light and turn the schedule off and back on and then it goes back to normal.
I have to do this every day so it defeats the purpose of having a schedule if i have to turn the schedule off and on every day.

Hi @user41579. Do you have these Solar Pathlights in a Light Group? Are there any other devices in the Light Group, aside from the Solar Pathlights? I’d recommend completely deleting the Light Schedule and setting it back up from scratch. Then test out the Light Schedule to see how it functions.

Yea they are in a light group with 3 other similar solar pathlights and one ring lightbulb. Ive tried doing that i even reset the whole system. (Deregistered and all) still no fix.
I just saw another post somewhere saying they were releasing a fix through updates slowly, but that post was from a year ago

@user41579 Thanks for that confirmation. Are you using a Ring Smart Lighting Bridge, a Ring Alarm Pro, or an Amazon Echo as the bridge?

I have a ring alarm pro. No bridge. Also have a echo dot connected to all of it. Dont know if thats relevant. Ive tried disconnecting the dot and trying to use the lights and still same issue.