Solar Pathlight Scheduled Motion Detection

We need our pathlights to be completely off overnight without turning on due to motion. To our surprise this does not appear possible with the app. Manual intervention every day is not an option.

Is this at all possible? We had hopes with Motion Schedules, but that seems to apply only to alerts.

I’ve seen conflicting information here on the boards. For example this answer by @Marley_Ring suggests that this is possible based on the question asked.

We’d be willing to entertain outside approaches such as through IFTTT, etc.


Hi @TerrenceJ. At this time, there is no option to schedule the motion detection on Smart Lighting devices, including your Solar Pathlights. There is a Light Scheduling feature that allows you to set times where your Pathlights are on or off, but this wouldn’t control the motion detection. You’re welcome to add this suggestion to our Feature Request board, which we use to gather and share new ideas with our teams here.

@Caitlyn_Ring, thanks for the confirmation. Unfortunately we’ll have to return the lights as a result.

If anybody in the community happens to have workarounds; we’d still be interested.

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