Solar pathlight missing dusk to dawn feature

I have a solar pathlight that does not have the dusk to dawn setting. I’ve tried calling customer support and I was told that it will possibly be enabled in a future firmware update. It appears that other posts here in the community regarding solar pathlights appear to have the dusk to dawn setting enabled. Is there anyting that can be do to resolve this issue?

Hey @dre1015. The flow that you will need to follow to get this feature set up for these devices is a bit different than how our other products were! What you will need to do is create a schedule, and then within the schedule, you will be able to have a dusk to dawn feature. Please see my screenshots below to see what this flow will look like! Let me know if you’re able to get this set up. :slight_smile:

Just to confirm Chelsea. The dusk to dawn feature used to be under each light’s settings page. Now if you want this feature, you need to use the lighting schedule. Correct? I thought the same thing as the original poster that it was a bug.

Hi all, for me this is terrible. I have also one with the option and 6 without. If I ask alexa turn off backyard because of my other lights the pathlight turns off and only turns on next day.

So scheduke is a terribe workaround.

This is a flaud system for two reasons. One, people like myself have some lights that have the built in dusk to dawn feature that works great, and others that you have to use the schedule. Second, when you use the schedule it shows your lights are on when they really are not “on”. In turn this makes it so when you either use a smart assistant or just hit the button to turn the lights off it will shut them off completly.

I’m also having this problem where some path lights have the dawk to dusk toggle and some do not.

Also, maybe related, i can not access all pathology in s group when setting up lights schedules.

Mildly maddening. It seems like tires should be simple.