Solar path lights won’t charge

My path lights worked great when I installed them in April ‘23. Now it’s winter and they won’t charge. I contacted Ring and they replaced the lights. I charged them fully and put them out. Now they aren’t charging.

A little searching via the Ring app and I see that the new solar smart devices are set to not charge below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s cool (no pun intended), but I live in northern Ohio. It stays below 32 for weeks at a time. Of course they will deplete. I’m kind of surprised the Ring Customer Service person didn’t point that out.

I’m just going to buy spare batteries and keep them charged and swap as needed. Unless I’m missing an easier route.

The batteries are common 18650 rechargeable batteries. They are sold by a variety of vendors. I’ve had good luck with Fenix batteries and chargers. Not sure I want to use super cheap Chinese batteries in my expensive Ring lights, but they are available cheap.

Has anyone else had this experience?