Solar Path Lights brighten on motion the first night, then do not on subsequent nights without restarting schedule

I saw a similar problem on here for the wall solar lights, but not the solar path lights. It was marked as solved but it looked like people were not happy and still having problems.

I just purchased 8 solar pathway lights. They are all on the same group and scheduled from dusk to dawn. On the first night they worked as intended. They would be dim until motion and then brighten when they sensed motion. This is what I want them to do.

On night two they were dim at dusk. When I walked by them they detect motion, but do not brighten. I went into the app, disabled the schedule, and re-enabled and they worked as intended again.

The next night I had the same problem. I do not want to have to disable and re-enable the schedule every night (kind of defeats the purpose of a schedule.)

The last post suggested messing with the light threshold settings which did absolutely nothing. Also it doesn’t seem to make sense since it works the first night, and then stops the next.

Did you ever find a solution to this other than returning/exchanging the device? thx