Solar Panels

The solar panels aren’t charging and are draining the batteries I put in. I’ve tried resting everything and nothing works I bought 2 and the both don’t work.

Hi @Isabel17. Can you clarify what Ring devices you’re using the Solar Panels with? Additionally, are they receiving at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day where they’re currently installed? The Solar Panels are designed to provide a trickle charge to your Ring devices when they receive ample direct sunlight. This trickle charge can help keep the batteries charged up, but the batteries may still discharge more quickly than they charge if your devices receive a lot of events such as Live Views, motions or dings if it’s a Doorbell. :slight_smile:

If they are for the Ring doorbells, those are only like 0.35 watts and you would need hours of direct sunlight. I had tried one and it was useless.