Solar Panel

Does solar panel work for ring doorbell (1st generation)?

Good question @LadyJaxson! While the Cam’s version of Solar Panel is not compatible, we certainly have a Solar Charger Mount available on This accessory is compatible with the Video Doorbell gen 1 model. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for responding! I saw that. The only question I have about that is my porch is covered where the doorbell is. Is that going to work without sun?

I’m glad you asked! I would advise against it, as I’d want you to be confident in what you are getting is going to work for that environment, and any blockage of sunlight can certainly prevent the Solar Panel from charging your Doorbell battery.

A great alternative for this scenario, would be to use the old doorbell wiring on your home, if available. The Video Doorbell 1 has the ability to trickle charge when wires are connected to the mounting bracket, and are supplying power from an 8 to 16 VAC transformer. It may also ring your internal chime kit, if one exists. Let me know if you have any questions about obtaining this solution, I’m happy to help further. :slight_smile: