Solar panel

I want to purchase 2-3 spot light cameras and also want the solar panel, do I have to buy a solar panel for each one or will one solar panel work for 2-3 spotlight cams?

Great question, @Ruthie76 ! Do you currently own any Ring Devices?

You will need a Solar Panel per Spotlight Cam. However, each Spotlght Cam Battery Can hold up to 2 batteries – which definitely prolongs battery life.

The Spotlight Cam Battery is great – especially if you get ample amount of sun hitting that Solar Panel. We recommend direct sunlight for about 5-6 hours a day with minimul motion alerts, as the Solar Panel provides a trickle charge to your device.

If you want, tell us a bit more about your set up and what you’re looking for and we can ensure you get the best device for you and your home :slight_smile:

Thank you for your quick response. Yes, I have a spotlight cam with 2 batteries and solar panel. I wanted to get the 2 pack of the spotlight cameras but I was hoping that I would only need 1 solar panel. Any suggestions would be appreciated.