Solar panel

When I plug the solar panel into the stick up cam, the app wants to change the source to wired and won’t let me choose battery as the source. It automatically flips to plugged in and drains the battery in a day. Please help.

Hey @Rawsond. Could you removing the device from your account and re-setting up the device on your Ring app to see if that helps? To remove the device, you will go into the Ring app > Main menu > Devices > Stick Up Cam > Device Settings > General Settings > Remove this Device. Once removed, ensure you have the solar panel still plugged in and set up, and set up the device again. When setting up the device again, ensure you select battery over wired. Once you have set it up again, you should be all set, but if it insists on staying in wired mode, let me know with a screenshot only giving you wired as the option!