Solar panel

I found the page which advises you about which solar panel you should purchase based on your environment. The page calls them super solar panels, and there is a 2W and a 5W. But when searching the products, I only find one item, simply called the solar panel. I’m confused. Is there more than one for sale? I am in a sunny environment, but have many motion detections each day. The chart makes me think I need the 5W. There doesn’t seem to be more than one solar panel for sale

Hi @dyerme. The article that you are referencing here does have a typo in it that we will get resolved to avoid future confusion! Any time the 2W Solar Panel is recommended in the table, it should be for our regular Solar Panel that you will find here. The 5W Solar Panel is our Super Solar Panel, which you can find here. Feel free get whichever you feel is best, but I definitely recommend the Super Solar Panel! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. So my only other question is, the solar panel will connect to the Ring Spotlight cameras that I already own? I’ve looked closely at the website, and there’s pretty much nothing about how you connect them, and my cameras don’t have any obvious connection “port”, or whatever you might call it. All I’ve been able to gather from the website is that the solar panel has a cable/cord. Does it connect directly to the camera? If so, how/where? And how do I determine if I own generation 1 or 2 cameras?

Hey @dyerme. If you have the Spotlight Cam Battery, the Solar Panel should be able to connect to it. You can see what this setup looks like in our YouTube video here. :slight_smile: