Solar panel with Gen2 doorbell

I installed the solar panel a couple weeks ago. Before connecting to the doorbell I checked there was a nice charge coming from the connectors with a multimeter. There is and all was well

Since connecting the panel to the doorbell not once has it shown up as connected, nor has it charged the doorbell at all. I have just checked again that there is a charge coming from the panel given it is a brilliantly sunny day. Same result, plenty of charge but nothing showing on the app or any sign of the doorbell charging.

I have reset the doorbell but no change.

Any suggestions? Thank you

Hi @SimonGlos. Ensure the Solar Panel is firmly connected to the Doorbell, and that the Solar Panel is receiving several hours of direct sunlight per day. The direct sunlight is needed for the Solar Panel to be able to provide a trickle charge to the Doorbell. It’s also important to note that the Solar Panel will not charge the battery to 100% in an effort to extend the lifetime of the battery, so you won’t see it charging if the percentage has not dropped below the threshold of around 80% yet. You can find additional troubleshooting steps and information here. If this concern persists after checking the above, please reach out to our support team for further assistance.

This is useful
I have the same set up an Video Doorbell Gen 2 with a solar panel with a lot of direct sun light.
I have noticed that it does charge but not by a lot
Typically the charge is between 70-82% and never 100%. Which is very different from my solar spotlight cams which charge to 100%.

I have notice the status of the Solar Status either is 1) Connected or 2) Connected - A Ring Solar accessory is connected and able to charge this device