Solar panel with built in battery?


We use one camera to monitor the side of the house which is connected to a solar panel now because I got sick of changing the battery every two weeks or so.

The downside of this is that the camera only runs during the day so is kinda pointless but we keep it connected because it’s better than nothing.

The panel cable is strung out to receive the best sunlight available and yes, we have considered a PoE run and that is on the table as a potential solution.

What I would love to see is a Ring solar panel with battery backup that could trickle charge the battery whilst the cam is on and switch across to battery power once the panel wattage dropped beyond a point where the camera will switch off.

This would add to the Ring camera family & provide another installation option for those considering Ring & also for those like us who are stuck between a rock & a hard place with this camera placement.