Solar panel wedge and video doorbell

How do you connect solar panel to the ring video door bell when using a wedge??

Hey @SJYork1969. The Solar Panel will be at the base of the 3 pieces, and then the wedge will be placed in, and then the Doorbell. You will need to use one of the longer screws provided with the Wedge Kit, but that would be how the setup should flow. Feel free to share pictures of what it looks like once you have it set up! Would love to see. :slight_smile:

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How would the ring attach to the wedge then?? How would you attach the ring to wedge and still be able to plug the solar panel in to ring???

@SJYork1969 Thanks for getting back to me and sharing that photo! You should be able to move the wedge to be in between the solar panel and the Doorbell. Since the wedge piece has the middle hole, we have designed this to allow you to funnel through the cables to attach to your Doorbell to any hardwiring or solar panel. Let me know if you’re able to switch around these two for a bit of a better look, or if you find the reverse as you have it to hold up better! :slight_smile:

You can not attach the ring to wedge at all …you show me a video of how you do that and I will…

@SJYork1969 While I do not have a video, I will let you know I am going off of hearsay at this point in time. I have heard of other neighbors doing this, but have yet to see it. In the effort of trying to find it for you, I stumbled upon this Reddit thread here. It includes this image here, which is actually similar to how you originally had this set up, and may be the only true “compatible” way.

I made sure to check with my advanced support team on this concern, and see if anyone has found any pictures in the past of the same setup, but the solar panel in the back and the wedge in the middle, and it was to no avail. I tried to look for pictures of them described in the setup I have noted, but I have not been able to. If I stumble upon one in the future, or even an installation video, I shall let you know! In the meantime, I recommend using the setup as you saw it before, with the Doorbell, then Solar Panel, then Wedge piece. :slight_smile:

I do not like this solution as the gap between the solar charger and the wall created by the wedge invites possible vandalism.

I don’t know if anyone found answers or photos to the mounting issue, but I am posting it if someone still needs them.

  1. mount your solar charger: with screws or anchors & screws to the main surface.
  2. attach corner angle: use provided (2) small Philips machine screws through the (2) elongated slots to attach angle to solar charger
  3. attach ring doorbell: with (4) screws through ring doorbell to corner angle bracket