Solar Panel Water Ingress

I installed a Ring solar panel to top up my Spotlight Cam early 2019, and it worked wonderfully for about 1 year. After that year it was no longer detected but out of warranty so I didn’t spend much time investigating the fault, so I left it connected and not functioning, and stuck to taking the battery out and charging manually.

I searched forums and spotted it was a common issue and thought one day I would get around to working out the issue.

It was only today however, I thought I would pull down the solar panel, open it up and see if I could repair it… HOWEVER, I found this. (Note, it has endured 2.5 North UK Winters of snow, ice, wind you name it, but STILL…!)!

There was a puddle of water inside! It gushed out when I took the screws out of the back!

Does anyone know if the build quality has been improved (mine was manufactured in 2018)? I really want the solar functionality back, but I doubt the build quality.

If its solid state try drying it out. wipe off any corrosion and try the panel again

Also add a caulk or something )maybe gum LOL) to fill the hole

Followed a YouTube guide and used isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush and it came out nice!!! Plugged it and still didn’t work :frowning:

Oh wow! So I bought a new solar panel, ready with glue to water proof the internals, but when I opened the new one, it was already done!!!

So it seems early solar panels had an issue!