Solar panel swivel mount?

I have the outdoor security camera with the solar panel. The mount that comes with the panel only lets me swivel it in one direction (currently up or down). I can mount the base sideways, then I could pivot the panel to the right or left, but then it would be 90 degrees from the ground, completely vertical.

I’d like to adjust it to point about 30 from vertical, and about 20-30 degrees from horizontal – is there any option for a better mount for the solar panel? I suppose I could mount the base at a diagonal angle, but then I’d be stuck with that single orientation.

Ring offers a 360-ish base for the cameras, any reason there isn’t this kind of mount for the solar panel? This seems like an obvious need.

Anyone DIY their own swivel mount?

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This is yet another issue that Ring refuses to correct. It’s also a missed opportunity for additional profits for them! Keep the standard mount in the package, but offer an optional swivel mount for $5 - $10. Customers would buy them IF they were offered. Now it’s up to other companies to come out with a proper mount. Wasserstein comes to mind.

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Has anyone come up with a solution for this? I found this on Amazon but I am not sure if the Ring Solar Panel will mount to it?