Solar Panel + Stick Up Cam 3 dual mount - Compatible with Stickup 3?

I want to get a solar panel and the dual mount. I have the stick up cam 3rd gen. So:

  1. Some amazon reviews say that the stick up cam is not compatible with it. Is it? Could it be an older generation limitation?
  2. My wall is completely south facing with no obstructions. Would the 2W be enough rather than the 4w? Or should I go big or go home?

Hi @myxlplyk. Can you share a link to the dual mount you are referring to? As for the Solar Panel you would make the choice between 2W and 4W by figuring out if your Camera is more than averagely used. For example, if your Camera has constant motion or you are constantly activating Live Views for a long period of time, you would want to go with a Solar Panel with a higher wattage in order to keep up with trickle charging your Camera’s battery. I personally would go with the 4W Solar Panel since it is the same price as the 2W one on