Solar panel on spotlight cams showing not connected

I have 3 solar spot light cameras that intermittently show the solar panel is disconnected. Sometimes it comes back on it’s own. I cannot easily get to one of the units because it’s on a high roof. Is anyone else having this problem and how do you fix it? Thank you.

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When I first tried plugging in my solar panel I could never get it connected. What I was doing wrong was not being forceful enough when I pushed in the connector. Once I did I heard a click and haven’t had issues since.
Could it be your connector isn’t all the way in?


I second to @SolarEclipse. I also had to push the power plug of the panel harder until it clicked into the camera. No troubleshooting guides I’ve looking into mentioned this trick.

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Solar panel connector is to long to insert into the spotlight cam….I’m trying not to force it. Are there two different versions of the Solar panel with two different connectors?

The connector needs to be flush against the body, and yes, you need to apply a bit of pressure. When it goes in you may hear a “click.” It needs to be a tight fit as it is intended to be water resistant.
Just FYI, I have the same, the solar panel and the spotlight camera and it took me a couple times to figure out I wasn’t pushing the plug in hard enough.

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