Solar Panel not showing as connected even though it is charging ring doorbell

I have been on the phone with Ring “support” two times, and all of their “solutions” do not work. I installed a ring solar panel to our ring doorbell but when I go to device health under solar status, it tells me not connected. But when I installed the solar panel my battery level was a 83% and after installing it the battery level was up to 86% so it IS charging the doorbell.

I called tech support and they had me go through the usual process – reset the device, disconnect and reconnect the solar panel, reselect wi-fi network, then delete and reinstall the doorbell as a new device. Nothing changed.

You can tell that the solar techs on the phone are just reading through a script.

I told them that this was a known problem and that all of their so-called fixes have been shown not to correct the issue – all they had to do was look at the many posting about this issue on the ring community forum. Well, they had apparently never heard of this forum.

After going through the futile exercises of rebooting and reinstalling everything – just to prove to them that nothing would change, I was put on hold and told they were “escalating” my issue up to the next level whereupon I had to re-explain everything to the next tech.

At the end I was told that they were aware of this problem and that the development team was supposed to be addressing this known issue in the next update of the Ring app. She also said that they would be sending me an email when the update was available.

Of course, I have yet to receive an email, there has been no update, and the problem still exists.

Hi @user47689. I’m glad to hear that your Solar Charger is charging the battery in your Doorbell, meaning this may just be a visual error. I’d be happy to see what information I can find regarding this issue, but it would be helpful to have more information. What model of Ring Doorbell do you have? The model name is on the original packaging and on the Device Health page in the Ring app. Which version of the Ring app are you currently running?