Solar Panel not charging cam?

At what point should the solar panel kick in and start topping up the battery?

Have a stick up cam (3rd Gen) and the app shows the solar panel is connected but not charging.

Solar Panel was connected when battery was at 85% and now a few weeks later the battery is 30% and solar panel has never charged the cam. Been in plenty of direct sunlight in that time. Confused if the panel is actually ever going to work properly?

Hi @user57289. Which Ring Solar Panel did you purchase? Check that the cable is firmly connected at both the Camera and the Solar Panel, and ensure the Solar Panel is receiving several hours of direct sunlight each day. It cannot be indirect sunlight, as that won’t provide enough power for the Solar Panel to charge the battery.

Thanks for the reply .

I purchased the smaller official solar panel.
It doesn’t get full sun all day but gets a solid few hours (UK Summer) and has done for the past few weeks.

@user57289 If the Solar Panel is properly connected and is receiving sufficient sunlight, it should provide a trickle charge to the battery. The rate at which the battery is charged will also be affected by the level of activity. If your Stick Up Cam is recording a lot of events and you’re activating the Live View frequently, this may discharge the battery more quickly than it can be trickle charged.

To get a closer look at this issue, I’d suggest reaching out to our support team at one of the numbers available here. They can take a look at things on the back end and assist with more in-depth troubleshooting assistance. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I have the exact same problem. Installed the camera in August. Dead battery by September. I took the stick up cam battery out and charged it again via the usb charger in the house and replaced it, made sure the connection to the solar panel was secure. I have checked it several times and it has never charged the battery. It says the solar status is connected. The solar panel is in full, unobstructed sun all afternoon. It has been up again about a month since being charged the second time and the battery level is now about 46%.

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Hi, i fixed mine eventually with a combination of removing WiFi connection, pulling battery whilst still online etc. Sorry I can’t give exact method as I tried loads of things at once.

I think it was this that fixed it:
Pull solar panel and battery while camera online.
Insert fresh 100% battery and plug in panel.
Remove WiFi connection.
Add the camera back on to your network.

Basically just try resetting stuff lol.

I had a similar experience. I bought one for my parents. We mounted it to the roof. a month later it was dead.

I just want to share my personal experience with the Spotlight Cam Pro and Ring Solar Panel (2nd Generation, 4W) in case it might be useful to someone looking for help. The solar panel definitely will not keep either battery charged long term like it will with my Stick Up cams. Starting out with two 100% fully charged batteries, the solar panel will trickle charge one battery while the other one appears to power the device solo while receiving no charge (in my case battery 1 is drained while battery 2 is held at 100%). At some point, when battery 1 gets very low, battery 2 will take over and start to drain and the charging stops. The Solar Status will remain “Connected” but neither battery is receiving any charge at this point. I’ve gone through this cycle 3 or 4 times now and this is always the case. I live in Florida so sunlight is not an issue, and I have the largest Ring solar panel available. I just ordered the Ring Indoor/Outdoor Power Adapter and hopefully that will permanently resolve the issue. I’ll follow up with results if this thread is still active. :facepunch:

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