Solar Panel Mounting Options

The current solar panel mount only adjusts in two directions (up/down or left/right depending on how the base is positioned). It is almost impossible to adjust the panel for maximum effectiveness with this tye of mouting bracket. I suggest ring include the option for a 360 degree style mount when purchasing the solar panels. Better yet make it an “upgrade” in the accesories. It is well worth a few dollar upcharge to allow three dimensional freedom to the solar panel mount.

Has anyone said or done anything about this? I mounted one today and i saw immediately this was a problem. I cannot believe the designers didn’t. One year later and it’s still the same limited movement mounting arm.

I agree the mounting base this needs to be able to move 360 degrees. I just got one of the ring Solar panels today with the stick up camera and didn’t notice the mount only offers the up/down or left/right depending on how the base is positioned. Very disappointing