Solar Panel (Micro-USB) for Ring Doorbell (2nd Generation)

I’m having issues finding the Solar Panel for my Ring Doorbell (2nd Generation). This is not to be confused with the Video Doorbell 2, I am purposely making a distinction here because this issues specifically is for the Video Doorbell (2nd Generation). I cannot for the life of me find where to buy the proper Solar Panel that is a Micro-USB for my Ring device. I’ve even gone to Reddit and posted a comment. People are not able to use the Solar Panel with Fork connection because it is not compatible with the Video Doorbell (2nd Generation). Someone has tried connecting the fork connection to the back of the doorbell screws without any luck. According to Ring, this fork connection does not work for the Ring Doorbell (2nd Generation). I’ve gone to Ring, Amazon, Home Depot, etc. and all the Micro-USB Solar Panels are either “out of stock” or “discontinued”. I’ve been looking for months, even subscribing to email alerts for websites if they come back in stock without any luck. Am I missing something? Does Ring no longer produce this item?

I know ring offers a panel that connects to the back of the doorbell itself and attaches to the wall… I have that and it doesn’t work because of the shadow my house makes over my front entrance. I am not within the return window so I’m just going to have to resell it I guess. I need the solar panel I can attach to my roof and get a stronger charge from direct sunlight. Where can I get my hands on the Micro-USB solar Panel specifically for the Video Doorbell (2nd Generation)?

I’d greatly appreciate any insight on this.


Hi @GV. This item is currently out of stock. On this page here, you can sign up for in-stock notifications. If I hear an update on this product, I’ll be sure to share it with you. Thanks for your interest in this product!

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