Solar Panel Alternative


I have the Spotlight Cam Pro and want to charge it with a non-Ring solar panel and battery combination I already have.

The camera specs states the cam takes 5v input, which matches the USB-C output from my existing solar setup.

When I connect my solar setup, it states “solar not connected” in device health. It says the same when I connect a 5v USB charger (phone charger).

Does the Ring panel have some special smarts being transmitted along with power to tell it to charge if Ring panel is connected that it doesn’t get with a non-Ring USB-C power source?

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @user76017. We do not recommend using third-party solar panels with Ring Cameras since they may not work correctly like you are experiencing, nor can we troubleshoot it. I recommend using a Ring Solar Panel Or Ring Small Solar Panel if you are looking to keep the battery in your Camera charged.

Hi Justin,

Thanks for your response.

Can you tell me if the camera is able to be charged by a standard 5v USB-C power supply?

Kind regards,

@user76017. I cannot recommend any third-party devices. If you want to use an adapter to keep your Spotlight Cam Pro powered on, you can use a Ring Indoor/Outdoor Power Adapter (USB-C).