Solar not connected

Just installed my ring solar for doorbell 2 and it says not connect. I had it hardwired and even though it said hardwire as power source, my batteries kept dying in a week. Can someone please tell me what’s the point of have a security system that only sometimes work or can’t step up to monitor my house in fear of battery not lasting. Don’t know what to do. But I know I’m not buying anymore ring items.

Hi guys,

Just wondering has ring stopped producing the 5 watt solar panel for spotlight cam in europe.

Based in ireland and currently have the 2watt solar panel with the spotlight camera. This setup is useless here, the charge produced by the solar panel is not enough to mantain the battery let alone recharge it.

It did charge up last week when we had two sunny days so not a fault with solar panel. Being ireland most of the time it is overcast especially in Winter.

I would imagine the 5watt panel might have some hope of keeping the battery charged.


4 out of 4 solar step lights failed in under a year.
1 solar panel for camera failed in just over a year.
RING is NOT standing behind its products. I want replacements at no charge. Please reach out.