Solar floodlight status of two batteries?

I have the solar floodlight and have two batteries installed. When the battery status says 17%, is that 17% left of both batteries combined? Or is it 17% left of one battery? I wish it showed two battery icons like the solar spolight cam.

It only displays the status of one of the batteries at a time, but unfortunately doesn’t have a way to indicate which battery.

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I just noticed today that my Solar Floodlight is now showing the status of both of its batteries on the device page in the app. It’s still only displaying the battery level percentage of a single battery in the device health section, however.

I noticed that the floodlight updated to firmware version 1.8.12-42 this morning, so I’m not sure if the battery status change was due to the new firmware or a change on the Ring server backend. Either way it’s nice to be able to see the status of both batteries now.