Solar Floodlight Battery Status Readings

Can someone at Ring let us know how the Android Ring App reads the battery status (charge percentage) on the Solar FLoodlight?

Is there a way to manually tell the app to read the percentages?

Does the app read the percentages after an event such as light on or motion?

Does the app read the percentages at a certain time?

Does the app read the percentages multiple times a day/night?

Thank you.

Hi @DalTxJim. Happy to help clear up some questions you are having! The information in the Device Health page will update every so often, and should update throughout the day a few times, as long as activity is normal on the device. The percentages for battery will update after any firmware update to the device, after events on the device with the lights or motion, or after some time of inactivity (will update after 24 hours of inactivity). Therefore, you may see the number change throughout the day, depending on if there is high activity. Our Ring support agents over the phone can also see these updates and can detail this for you for your specific devices.

The app does not have any pre-set times it is supposed to update, outside of the 24 hours inactivity window. You can manually tell the app to update the Device Health section with up to date information by triggering an event, like manually turning on your lights, and then allowing a minute or so for the app to update (you can force close and reopen the app to push this app refresh). You may not notice a change if the percentage has not dropped since the last update.