Solar Floodlight Battery Levels

I have had a Solar Floodlight installed for about a month. I just added a 2nd battery to it.

I’d like to know how the battery charge levels are calculated, as the percentages are not shown “per battery” (as with the solar battery spotlight cam), rather there is only a single percentage showing. After operating for 8+ hours overnight, the battery level still shows 100%, which cannot be possible.

Does anyone know if there is a way to see each of the 2 batteries current charge state, or how the battery level percentages are calculated when 2 batteries are installed?

Hey @DalTxJim. Happy to help clear this up for you! With the way that it is set up in the app at this time, when you have two batteries put into the device, it will display the battery with the most life left. Therefore, if you are seeing a battery reading of 50%, it will mean that both batteries have 50% or less remaining. In general, it is an accurate gauge of whether the unit needs some attention for an extra charge via micro USB, or if you’re good to hold off for awhile.

What I would recommend is to take the batteries both out to charge them whenever you see the percentage is below 25%, as it will mean that both batteries are getting low and may need to charge them up. Alternatively, for no down time on the devices, you can just take out one, charge it up, put it back in, take out the other, charge it up, put it back in - rinse and repeat for future and then you’ll have a system down for yourself! :slight_smile:

As stated in the original post, I have the solar version. But thanks anyway.

I have no idea why Ring can’t “standardize” their software between cameras and lights and the various versions within. Spotlight Cam Battery shows EACH battery’s level. Solar floodlight just shows a rather useless percentage of both batteries combined (and you don’t even explain that in the owner’s manual).

@DalTxJim The description that I have provided is applicable to both the Solar Floodlight Battery, and also the Floodlight Battery with no solar panel installed. Since you have the addition of the solar panel, this will also help keep your batteries charged, which may explain why you saw it was still at 100%. You may also see that it’s saying 100% still, as based of my description, it will be taking the battery power from one, but just showing you the percentage of the battery with the most charge. Just want to make sure you get a clear explanation from me on that so that there was no confusion! :slight_smile:

I do agree with you on the latter point, and rest assured that this feedback has been passed onto my Smart Lighting team here. If we are able to implement this in the future or I hear of any works on this down the road, I will make sure to update you here in this thread!

Thank you for your continued replies, however, how can the batteries be at 100% charge, when the light remains on from dusk to 6.30am, during the night, with no sun shining on the solar panel? It’s like a miracle that the two lights don’t draw any current from the batteries during 10 hours of use. Let’s hope Ring updates the app so it will show actual percentages at some point in the future.

@DalTxJim I totally understand the confusion behind this! My assumption is that since it’s only going to show the battery with the most percentage, that from your lights being on the whole time, one battery is draining while the other is at 100%. Since the app will show which battery has the most life, this is why you see 100%, and not whatever the other battery is at (which could be down to maybe 95% or 90% from the all night usage?). If we do get the app aligned to show both battery percentages like the Spotlight Camera, you will be the first to know here! :slight_smile: