Solar Floodlight Battery Level Indicates 0% When Fully Charged

I installed a Ring Solar Floodlight with a single fully-charged battery yesterday. I tested it out and everything seemed to be operating fine, EXCEPT the battery level under device health indicated a 0% charge. I know that’s not right, so this morning I repositioned the battery from the right slot to the left one on the off chance that would give me an accurate reading; it did not. Thinking maybe I had a bad battery, I replaced it with a brand new and fully charged battery, first in one slot and then in the other, but still got a 0% charged reading. As a final test, I added the second battery so that both slots were occupied with a fully charged battery, but the battery reading remains 0%.

Can someone let me know if this is normal, or what the cause and fix might be? Thank you.

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Hi @TimMcGlynn. I would recommend removing the Solar Floodlight from the Ring app and completing a new setup to ensure everything is displaying correctly. Make sure the Solar Panel is firmly connected. Please also check that you have the most updated version of the Ring app, and test out the Solar Floodlight after the setup process to see if it is working properly or not.