Solar CHrger for Ring2

I just reciently bought a new Ring 2 with a solar charger. So far I have had to charge the battery twice as the charger doesn’t seem to charge it. I double checked to see if I had it installed correctly and that is not the problem. Now the battery is back down to 13%. The Ring is on a southen exposure with direct sunlight. My other ring2 with a solar charger works great and it has the same exposure. I even bought another battery because of the charging problem. It seems like the battery doesn’t last very long.

Hi @rwilly ! I would take a look at this article which goes into detail about your battery draining. I would take a look at the number of notifications you are receiving as well as if the temperatures have dropped where you are located. Also, please ensure that your battery is charged to 100% before installing!

Read the article but it doesn’t address the problem of the solar charger not charging.

Have you talked to support, to ensure it is producing a charge?

I am having the same problem. The battery isn’t draining quickly necessarily but the solar charger doesn’t seem to be chargin the battery as it is indicating lower and lower availbel power each day.

Is there a way to tell if the battery is charging? Looking on the app I see my Battery Level % in green but don’t see any symbol that would indicate the solar panel is charging. It is a sunny 50 degree day.