Solar Chargers not charging - disappointing

2 out of 3 of my solar chargers are no longer working… I see quite a few issues here regarding the Solar Panel. Now I need to get the serial numbers from the panels and continue the process of replacing them, fortunately they are under warranty. I have to wonder if there is a larger systemic issue with the solar panels with the frequency of issues I read about here.


I wasted time contacting customer support regarding the issues with my solar charger for the ring doorbell. It was suggested that the issue could be the doorbell itself or the charger but they will not refund my money because it has been more than 30 days. I’m suggesting to everyone not to waste your time or money on this defective product. The company is completely aware that this product has issues in their continuing to sell these worthless solar chargers. I was also told part of the problem was that it was 32 degrees. I live in a suburb of Chicago so it sounds to me like the only places this device will work are places like Florida Arizona California Texas Etc


I have the same problem and I have had 70 and 80 degrees and it is still losing power. I waste money on this solar charger and I can’t get a refund either. Not good business practice. Sorry I got this.


Thank you, you’ve saved me time wasted trying to get help from RING. I bought two solar chargers thinking it was the solution to direct wiring which is harder since the doorbells are in front of the front gates. I thought it works since I bought the first one a year ago at a different location from my newest one . Come to find out after receiving alerts that the newest one is low charged, I found out from my tenant that the first one she had to remove to recharge. So the solar chargers aren’t working. Now I’ll have to direct wire with transformers somehow out front on the gate pillars. Thank you for saving me time. Now I’ll not recommend the solar chargers.

I’m in Florida, and the solar panels get a good four hours of direct sunlight every day. Mine worked for about 8 months before failure. I would think they should last longer.

Also, I’m on my third doorbell unit. None of them has lasted longer than a tear or so.

I’m ready to go to a Ring competitor. There are a number out there, their batteries last longer, and they don’t charge for cloud storage.

I’m ready to jump.