solar charger

The original Ring device I purchased quit working. I was unable to get assistance with it through Ring support so my next option was to purchase a new Ring doorbell. I had purchased the solar charger for the original Ring doorbell. Well, guess what??? The port for the charger to plug in to the new Ring doorbell I purchased (same model) is turned the other direction so that it is not compatable with the new device. How convenient is that? Not a happy customer.

Hey @YaleGirl. Is it possible you bought the 1st Gen Solar Charger, but have the 2nd Gen Doorbell? You will need to ensure you have the proper generation of Doorbell with the correct solar panel, as they will line up differently. If you have the box for both of the devices, I’m happy to confirm for you if you have the right devices for a proper setup, but you can also call up our support team to confirm this and get the proper one sent out to you!

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