Solar charger not charging stick up camera

I’ve charged the battery, completed the reset, the solar panel charger was charging thereafter and now not showing up under the camera any longer. The battery is draining and the solar panel is plugged into the back of the spotlight camera. The panel is receiving direct sunlight for eight hours. What am I missing?

Hi there, @Ring86! Glad to hear this is receiving direct sunlight, as this is the main factor in obtaining a charge. Next, please check the connection of the Solar Panel cable to ensure there is no debris, obstructions, and that it is securely connected. It is worth also considering usage and battery drain factors, to ensure the charge applied by your Solar Panel is most effective. I hope this helps ! :slight_smile:

For the 2 solar powered Ring devices I have I found I had to apply firm pressure when plugging the power cord into the back of the cameras before it was set. In one I actually heard a click, the other no such sound.

I have 2 ring cameras and they both stopped charging from the solar panels. I read the solutions and decided to try first to reset both cameras. Lo and behold both cameras did a software update and suddenly they both work fine charging from the solar panels.
Why couldn’t ring just tell yo that a software update was required instead of running the battery down by stopping charging?

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Hi @b501c0656a44136258a5448759891f. Glad to hear that your batteries are charging once again. A quick way to check and see if there is an update needed is to visit the Device Health menu in the Ring app. It’s a great first steps if you are noticing a decline in performance with any of your Ring devices.