Solar charger for Ring Doorbell 2 not showing up

I installed a solar charger for my Ring Doorbell 2 a few days ago and my app is still isn’t showing that I have a solar charger installed. I’m going down 1-2% every day. Is there to tell that my device is being charged by the solar chargers besides looking at the daily battery degredation and guessing that it is or isn’t working?

Hi @pw83. Since your app is not showing the solar panel as connected under your Device Health page, you will want to ensure the device is connected properly. I recommend detaching the solar panel from your device and then attaching it back, while also ensuring that there is no dust and debris on the solar panels and at the connection.

After checking the connection, if you find that it is still not showing as connected in the Device Health section, please try resetting your Ring device (not the solar panel) by pressing and holding the setup button for 20 seconds. After this reset, re-establish the connection your device has in your Ring app by tapping on Reconnect or Change Wifi Network under Device Health. This will take you through another setup of the Ring device in the Ring app. Once completed, check the Device Health again to see if the solar panel is showing as connected. If the device is showing as connected, please ensure you are getting 4 or more hours of direct sunlight to the solar panel during the day to allow a trickle charge to your device. You will also want to ensure that your device is not discharging more than it is charging, as you may have an excess amount of events that could be draining the battery on your device.

In the event you may not see the solar panel connected still, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Thanks, but unfortunately resetting then reconnecting to WiFi didn’t do the trick. I’ll reach out to support, but based on feedback from the forums, I won’t be holding my breath.

@pw83 Thank you for letting me know that, but please let me know how this call with support goes and what they are able to find once looking more into your account. I would love to hear the feedback you have on that and what information/steps they provide you with.

Ring doorbell 3 plus installed with properly associated solar charger. Are you sure the solar charger should show in health? The only health info I get is battery level.

Hey there. Did u have any luck with this problem? I’m having the exact same issue and customer service is not available. Would love to know if you managed to resolve it.
Thank you.

Customer service is not available and I have the same issue.

The solar chargers are complete garbage. They work well, but only in extremely rare instances where your doorbells face south and receive hours of direct sunlight every day. If you have any shade, your doorbells do not sit in direct sunlight, etc., then at best all the solar charger will do is reduce the rate at which your doorbell discharges, and you’ll still have to take it off periodically and recharge it.

I tried two for my doorbells for several months, gave them the benefit of the doubt because when I first installed them it seemed to rain every day for 7 weeks straight, so sunlight was at a minimum. By May though it became apparent they simply weren’t up to the task.

I ended up selling mine of eBay (my return period off Amazon expired) and buying a couple of 24VAC transformers instead. Now I have my video doorbells direct wired and never have to worry about charging them. Best thing I ever did, and (had I been paying attention to the reviews from the start) I could have saved myself a lot of money as the transformers are only $15 ea compared to the cost of the solar chargers.

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@Slate wrote:

[…] at best all the solar charger will do is reduce the rate at which your doorbell discharges, and you’ll still have to take it off periodically and recharge it.

My doorbell faces west and only gets about 2 hours or less of sunlight every day, except for summer. I don’t get that much traffic or recorded events, so a battery charge typically lasts me a few weeks. I was just hoping that the solar charger might extend that a bit.

As for the OP, it doesn’t even show that a solar panel is attached to the doorbell, in the app. I would expect it to show regardless of charge success or length unless the device is ultimately faulty.

Had problem of solar charger not showing connected. Tried everything recommended, still not fixed. Finally went and clicked on live feed and when I checked back at status showed it was connected. Don’t understand why but it worked.

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Hi @pcargill! Glad this worked for you! Changes in the Ring app will take affect after an event such as Live View or Motion Detection.

I have 3 ring doorbell 2 solar chargers. Only one shows up in the app. But all three are charging. Have no idea why they show up on some doorbells and not others. My suggestion is to take your doorbell loose and check the voltage when the sun is directly on the doorbell. You should get 6-7 volts DC. If so. The charger itself is working. I have a lot of traffic. One of mine gets a lot of sun in the summer. But not much in the winter. I have to swap batteries about every 6 months. Before it was about every 3 weeks without the solar. My other one gets sun all year. I’ve never had to charge it in over a year. It fluctuates between 88-95% depending on sun intensity.

The third I just installed. It doesn’t show up in the app. But is charging

I’m having the same issue. I’m going from hardwired to solar and hardwire wasn’t doing ish, and the solar is saying not connected. I shouldn’t have to optimize my setting to maximize my battery. It defeats the purpose of having a doorbell camera. Y’all should change the motto from Ring you’re always home to Ring, sometimes home because your battery keeps dying to quick. It’s definitely not what I thought it would be.

I’m having the same issue. I set everything up correctly and even double checked and it still says not connected. Super frustrating.

I just purchased the ring solar panel for my ring doorbell 2. I got it all set up and realized it says not connected. I thought I needed to let it sit and charge so I gave it a day and it still says not connected. I ensured it was set up properly and tried again and still the same thing. I rebooted the ring by pulling the battery. I reconnected to my wifi after resetting it , and still it says not connected. I feel like I wasted 50 bucks. Tried to chat with support and they said only calls for technical troubleshooting. I called the number and they said over a 45 minute wait. I checked to have them call me back and I’m still waiting. I’m about to take it down and sell it in Craigslist. Is there anyone who has had any luck getting this to work?

I am facing the same issue now with 2 of these, support sent a replacement solar charger, but still says “not connected”.
Such a waste of time, tried all that i could including resetting the doorbell, leaving the solar charger in sun for a couple of hours, checking after a live feed; but no luck. I have given up on this. I wished ring did a better job at this.

I also have the same issue with my doorbell 3! I installed the “first” solar charger I bought on amazon and it said “not connected”…I waited 4 days, and every day had full sun on the charger. Finally gave up and ordered another one, but STILL have the same issue! I have tried rebooting the doorbell, uninstalling the app, resetting the wifi over and over…still nothing! Sooooo frustrated! Anyone have a solution before I return my second solar charger to amazon?